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23 JAN 2018

CCleaner For Your PC

CCleaner is an excellent FREE tool for tidying up your Windows or MAC PC. Do download and use it regularly, and discover how to avoid error messages, download missing definitions and fix problems with Windows after cleaning.

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16 JAN 2018

Extend The Life Of Your Computer

How healthy is your computer? Use free software to extend your PC’s lifespan Why portable programs are good for your PC Five hardware upgrades worth paying for

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09 JAN 2018

How To Opt Out Of Unwanted Services

If you are worried that your inbox is clogged with unasked-for email or that your data is being shared without your consent, read this article to find out what you’ve been opted into and how to get opted out.

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02 JAN 2018

How To Store And Share Photos With Google Photos

Google has made it easier than ever to store and share (or merely backup) your photos across the web. And with up to 30 Gigabytes of free space, this is an ideal way to store your photos securely on the cloud. This article shows you how to make use of Google’s free cloud storage to upload, store and share your photos.

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