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10 APR 2018

Stolen IPhone?

When you discover that your iPhone has been stolen you may feel anger, worry, and surprise. Don't dwell on those feelings, though—you need to take action. What you do right away when your iPhone is stolen is very important. It could make the difference in protecting your data or getting your phone back.

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10 FEB 2018

Our Guide To Apple SIRI

Our complete guide to Siri explains how to use Siri, details all the Siri features and commands and helps you get more out of Siri on your iPhone or iPad. Talking to your iPad or iPhone is not much different from talking on your mobile phone. Clearly, it’s not appropriate in all contexts. If, for example, you’re quietly reading in the library and need to set a reminder, you should use the Reminders app, not SIRI. And if you’re out in public, well, you can use SIRI, but you’ll probably get some funny looks.

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26 JAN 2018

Free IPhone / IPad App — HERE from Nokia

Removed from Apple’s App Store just over a year ago, Nokia’s HERE Maps has been completely overhauled to provide iOS users with an experience that rivals Apple Maps and Google Maps. The app’s standout new feature is an option that lets you save maps off-line so you can check your location or navigate to an address without a mobile data connection. Unlike Google Maps it lets you download maps for an entire country and although these files can be large, they’re extremely useful if you have a small data allowance or want to avoid excessive roaming charges abroad. The app lets you choose between directions for driving, walking or public transport and you can even search for nearby places of interest when your device is switched to Airplane Mode. It’s remarkable how much info the app gives you without an Internet connection.

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